Become A Peer Presenter

A peer presentation is where you take the stage and do a presenation about a project (or projects) that you worked on that had particular creative/storytelling/technical hurdles.

Presenters get a $500 discount off the registration price. Sessions have to be approved. Coaching will be provided.

If you are attending our event, you are likely doing some pretty some pretty awesome work! We would love to learn more and hear about it. And so do your peer attendees. If you are able to share, check out the details below for some structure.

Questions to think about:

  • What is the topic of your presentation?
  • What are the key things you intend to communicate during your presentation?
  • What software/hardware tools would you focus around?
  • What makes your topic something other editors would be interested in?

Past presentations have included:

  • Producing from the Editor’s Chair: The Hurricane Katrina Project
  • Building the Emmy Red Carpet Promo in Media Composer
  • Still Screaming: Cutting a Horror Documentary (Monica Daniel)

Pick your own tools! 
While Editors’ Retreat is platform agnostic, favoring no specific tool over another, the Peer Presentations are permitted for skilled editors to show/mention their favorite choices and tools in completing their work.

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