The Editor’s Retreat gives you the opportunity to rub elbows with seasoned professionals and heavy hitters and develop a camaraderie with them that would be virtually impossible to achieve in the real world.

When Russel and I came back from [the 2015] conference we talked about it for weeks afterward, because it allowed us to get a perspective outside of the corporate world that we spend most of our time in and helped us to realize how high our own bar was set.

Simon Rex-Lear, Producer/Director – Multimedia Video, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company (New Attendee 2015)

This was my 3rd Editors’ “Conference” (shhh, I am not allowed to call it a retreat). Each one has surpassed the previous. Never before had I experienced being around so many talented, like-minded people who truly “get it.” The sessions are packed with leaders in the industry as well as peers. They (FMC) probably don’t want me to mention the bennies but how can I not? So many “freebies” and discounts that it really offsets initial cost of the retreat.

I highly recommend it for the camaraderie, but there is so much more. Lasting friendships, business relationships, sharing of advice. Oh and it is a lot of fun. The best business investment of 2015 so far.

Julie Chalhoub, Senior Producer – Bright House Networks

What struck me most about Editors’ Retreat is that some of the best editors in the industry show up there to teach, but they are there to learn as much as anyone as well, making it a very welcoming atmosphere. The people who attend it all stay in touch, providing a network that spans across the country and outside of it. They are an amazing group of editors but an even more amazing group of people. When people ask about the retreat I tell them that it’s like this exclusive club where everyone helps each other out, and once you’re in, you’re in.

Jenny Gold, LPGA Content Producer – Digital Media (New Attendee 2015)

And there was Dan, the Editor of Iron Man, giving me notes about my cut.

Shauna Campbell, Lead Editor – Esri.com

I teach, so the basic reason why I go is to learn more about new trends and technology. My advanced reason is that while the technology is terrific, the technology is only an extension of my creativity… and the retreat is loaded with the best creative people I know and can get to know each year. My final reason is that Jeff, Denise, and FMC show us all such great respect with this retreat. The wacky hijinks and loss of sleep due to partying like editors isn’t terrible, either.

Professor James Biddle, UGA Lead Trainer – Grady College, Certified Instructor for Avid, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro

I just wanted to thank you again. Attending the Editor’s Retreat and doing a Peer Presentation was one of the best and most difficult things I have done for my career. Thanks to the presentation and Claudia Crask, I am in discussions with Genarts to do some work for them…

Monica Daniel, Editor – NBC/Universal

The Editor’s Retreat is a truly great event for us to connect with the industry’s top-notch editors and really be able to talk with them at a high level and get good, honest feedback in a calm, friendly environment.

Tony Cacciarelli, AJA

The Avid Tips by Jeff was my number one favorite. It was all glorious information and I didn’t get to see even a third of it! I really had a quality time and I’ll be attending next year.

Todd Sanderson, Editor – Motion Inc.